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Pediatric NDT & SI Therapy Services

Pediatric NDT & SI Therapy Services is a private pediatric clinic located on a small farm in beautiful Bellingham, Washington.  Initially started by Susan McNutt, OTR/L in Edmonds, Washington in 1990, the practice began moving part time to Bellingham in 1993.  Since that time, Pediatric NDT & SI Therapy Services has expanded to a full time clinic including occupational therapists, certified occupational therapy assistants and a consulting physical therapist, two clinic buildings on neighboring properties, covered and outdoor arenas and many therapeutic animals to welcome children with a variety of needs and diagnoses.

In 2001 the clinic out at Warm Rain Ranch was opened and the dream of establishing a clinic where therapy rooms would be adjacent to therapeutic animals and where a variety of modalities including hydrotherapy, hippotherapy and sensory integrative equipment would be available became a reality.  Since that time a setting that puts clients at ease while offering therapeutic services to address the variety of needs of the children and their families has been created.  The animals and home-like setting invite children to participate, rather than trudging to yet another appointment. 

Fun, dynamic therapy rooms!

Each therapy room is filled with engaging, creative and up-to-date therapy tools, including games, swings and technology. Rooms are easily rearranged and manipulated based on each client's needs.


Horses are therapeutic in so many ways from strengthening core muscles and improving body-in-space awareness to encouraging interaction and focus of attention.  We ride in all sorts of weather from bundling up with cozies and rain slickers to dressing down with tank tops and shorts. 

Hippotherapy is offered and available throughout the year outdoors or in the covered arena.

Therapy Animals

We have many animals to help us with our therapy, including horses, goats, cats, fish and a variety of birds.

Sensory challenged children are encouraged to pet, feed, and interact with the animals as it is a fun way to stimulate progress when touch and texture are difficult to overcome.

The excitement we all feel over critters is a great way to get past sensory boundaries.



In the summer months, the outdoor pool is put up at the central therapy site.

Water is an excellent tool to coax children into therapeutic activities. Motor planning, tolerance to tactile input, strengthening, flexibility, confidence, and breath control are things that can be worked on when climbing the ladder in and out of the pool, swimming, fetching rings from the bottom, or moving around and over objects.